When does Bamboo Produce Rice?

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The short answer is: RARELY. Bamboo rice is actually the seed that is produced by a flowering bamboo (Bamboo blossom) at the end of its life span. Bamboo rice, collected from the seeds of flowered bamboos.

Bamboo rice is not commonly available due to the reason that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower which is unpredictable as these may varies for different species of bamboo. Flowering cycles are generally very long, often between 35 to 60 years. In some cases, more than 100 years will pass between blooms. And because the period is so long, most gardeners will only see an individual specimen flower once in their lifetime. Some of bamboos often die after flowering.
This flowering cycle is genetically pre-programmed into each species. Once a species reaches its life expectancy, the bamboo will flower and produce seeds.

The bamboo rice is sweet, pungent, nutritious and strong. It removes toxic substances from the body and cures conditions where vital hormones of the body are removed from the body  through urine.
It is cooked as similar to regular rice and after cooking it is usually moist and sticky. It can substitute white rice in daily meals and used for making various dishes like payasam and Biriyani...etc

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