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A bamboo shoot dies at the end of its life which produces a seed known as bamboo rice, also known as mulayari. The tribal people living in forests rely heavily on this source of income for their livelihoods. Because to flower the plant from which short-grain rice is extracted usually takes many years, this rice is rarely available. Those suffering from many health concerns can turn to bamboo rice for relief from their symptoms due to its highly medicinal qualities. Therefore, bamboo rice should capture a significant market share within the next five years in the Indian grocery market. buy online bamboo rice collected from Western Ghats through Sahya Dale.

What you Should Know About Bamboo Rice Health Benefits

In addition to carbohydrates, fiber and protein, bamboo rice contains a variety of nutrients. In comparison with other kinds of rice, bamboo rice has an extremely low glycemic index and is therefore viewed as a healthier alternative for diabetics. There is also less fat in bamboo rice and it is rich in vitamin B. The immense calcium and phosphorus content of this rice makes it effective for curing joint pain.

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Having been collected by tribes living in the forests, Sahya Dale bamboo rice is of premium quality. A plant's seeds are gathered from the end of the life cycle of flowered bamboo. Its pungent flavor is sweet and nutty, like wheat, and the seeds are nourishing. We pack them with hygienic conditions that are always up to date. There are no additives, flavors or colorants. Sahya Dale would be the best option if you want to buy the best and finest bamboo rice.