Three Alternative Uses for Honey You Haven't Tried Yet

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Honey can be a sweet, tasty addition to your breakfast but it’s not just for eating. Thanks to honey’s antibacterial qualities, there are many other ways to use it that are also beneficial to your health.

1. Give yourself a honey facial Seriously.

Spread raw honey all over your face, leave it for twenty minutes and then wash it off. Not only does it smell great, but honey has been shown to have nourishing effects on skin. Because it’s anti-inflammatory, honey can reduce redness and promote wound healing. It can also reduce the appearance of scars by stimulating tissue regeneration, fading dark marks and under eye circles.

2. Treat dandruff

Believe it or not, studies have shown that with constant use, honey can lessen the effects of dandruff and eventually help prevent symptoms from coming back. Patients who applied diluted honey to their scalps for three hours at a time over a period of months experienced significant relief from their symptoms. Check out the study here.

3. Preserve fruit Jam is nice but why not try another sweet alternative?

Honey-preserved fruits are a delightfully sweet treat on their own, but are even better over ice cream if you really want to treat yourself. Follow these instructions for a winter treat you can tailor to your tastes. Bonus tip: Eat it So it’s not really an alternative to the ordinary, but honey also makes a great substitute for sugar in baking. Honey is lower GI than sugar, and is naturally sweeter, so you can use less. 

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