Coconut shell spoon

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Using them as a serving dish for ice cream, salads, smoothies, or even just for dipping, they are naturally organic and made from coconut shells. A lovely addition to your dinnerware collection or picnic basket, the spoons each have their own unique shape, size, and texture. They make a wonderful addition to any home or office. Coconut shell spoons are made entirely from natural materials and without chemicals. Unlike plastic spoons, coconut spoons are made of durable coconut shells, so if dropped, they won't crack or shatter. Just wash them by hand, then they are ready to use again. You'll be surprised at how easy they are to clean and use.

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We at Sahya Dale have our processes & quality validated through Craftmark. We work together as a community to produce organic products with coconut shells crafted with care and precision made by women and men at the village level. We use only natural handcrafted materials at Sahya Dale, which is also a green company. We support rural communities in self-sufficiency not just during the season of farming, but during non-farming seasons as well. As a new group of artisans emerge with more basic training and greater capability for self-employment, the crafts-group undergoes training and then learns various advanced skills. It is generated by buying coconut shells from local markets, helping create a sustainable ecosystem, which employs coconut pickers, sellers, and, finally, artisans. 

Sahya Dale is a trusted resource for coconut shell kitchen utensils in India. Discover our beautiful collection of eco-friendly and natural coconut shell handicrafts.