How to Make Coconut Shell Bowl at Home Using Simple Tools

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Coconut shell has been used to make beautiful bowls for serving Salad, Smoothie, Cereal, Ice Cream...etc. The making process involves various steps. Follow the below steps to make a Bowl from Coconut shell using simple tools at home.

Here is a list of the materials you will need:

  1. One Coconut
  2. Tools:

  • A thick tack nail
  • A black marker
  • Hack saw
  • Chisel or Spoon
  • Box knife (or other Hard blade)
  • Sandpapers

Step 1: Drain Your Coconut

The first task will be to punch a hole through the less dense area of the coconut shell to drain coconut water.
Once you've made a hole, place the coconut drainage hole down to completely drain coconut water.

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Coconut.

The next step is to draw a line with your marker around the circumference of the coconut, either dividing it in half or at whatever proportions you prefer your bowl to be.

Then saw the coconut along the line you've marked.


Step 3: Hollow Out the Coconut Meat

Once you have the two halves separated, remove the meat of coconut using a chisel or spoon.
To remove the meat, score across the diameter of the fruit with your box knife, creating pie slice-shaped sections. You can then wedge the tip of your chisel between these and the shell of the nut, and pry them loose in more or less whole chunks. Ideally, the membrane between the meat and the shell will come off with them, leaving the inside of the shell bare. it should have a rough texture and look like tightly-packed plant matter.


tep 4: Sand Out the Shell.

To finish off the texture, take a 6x7 rough-grain sheet of sand paper and tear it into quarters, then fold one of these smaller sheets double. Sand down the inside of the bowl until it feels smooth and there are no loose bits of coconut "hair" when you run your fingers over the inside. Do similarly with the outside, which will take more time and require a second sheet of sandpaper, since there is a lot more "fuzz" to remove. We would suggest also sanding down the rim of your bowl, since you might want to drink from it later!



Step 5: Lacquering.

This step is optional, You may polish your bowl with Coconut Oil to get more glossy finishing.

Now Enjoy Your Finished Coconut Shell Bowl!

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