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Finest Cardamom Buy Online

It is one of the oldest spices of the world and is known as the Queen of Spices. In Kerala, green cardamom is grown exclusively in a region called Wayanad that is home to this small blackish seed encased in green pods, which are pungent, aromatic, and warm. Cardamom's aroma and taste are well known. The green cardamom pods, which grow naturally in the western ghats of Kerala, are well-known for their taste and freshness. Despite its perennial nature, the cardamom plant is widely used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes. Cardamom pods from us contain no pesticides or flavor or color additives. 

Best Cardamom in India: Types

The best climatic conditions are used to ensure the freshest taste, which is achieved by avoiding harmful fertilizers. Various packaging options are available worldwide at highly competitive prices that meet the specific requirements of the buyers. Two main varieties of Indian cardamom exist: the Malabar cardamom and the Mysore cardamom. Countless flavorful cardamom seeds are encased within the tiny green pods of fresh cardamom seeds, which are used to flavor everything from seafood to sauces to meat to vegetables to desserts to pastries.

Best Cardamom online India from Sahya Dale

From the Western Ghats region of south India, Sahya Dale brings to the garden a selection of fresh, premium quality spices that are produced directly from Wayanad, the region of spices of nature. We pack our products under hygienic conditions with no additives or artificial flavors and colors, so they are 100% healthy.  Buy now.