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Honey Amla by Sahya Dale is a perfect combination of pure natural honey and amla (Indian Gooseberry), which is a strong immune booster and has numerous health benefits. The Palmyra palm flower is used to make Palm Sugar Candy, a type of rock sugar. It is healthy and can be used to cool the body. Vitamins and minerals are abundant in this natural sweetener. Young children, teenagers, and adults can benefit from this. We offer products that are 100% natural and organic, without additives, artificial colours or flavors, and packaged in hygienic conditions of the highest standard. Sahya Dale sells the best organic snacks online.

Health Benefits of Honey Amla

Honey Amla is a traditional medicine and is used to treat cold and cough symptoms. Amla can fight infection-causing bacteria, and honey soothes a dry throat. Concoctions like this one are great for curing flu symptoms. As a wall supporter, honey can be used to infect gooseberries and strengthen your immune systems. 

Nutritional Value of Palm Sugar Candy

Because palm sugar candy is produced with minimal processing and no added chemicals, it is regarded as a healthier alternative to other sweeteners. It also contains high levels of nutrients derived from plants, so it is beneficial to your health.

Aside from having a lower glycemic index, palm sugar is less likely to cause blood sugar fluctuations.

Honey amla and palm sugar candies are some of the most loved organic snacks and at SahyaDale, you can buy organic snacks online without having to compromise on quality.  You can buy healthy snacks online India with Sahya Dale at the best prices.