Is bamboo a sustainable resource?

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The short answer is: YES.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource because it is renewable. You can grow more of it and use it for whatever purpose you desire. And that cycle continues as much as bamboo exists. This is unlike iron and fossil fuel-based plastics that humans could run out of at some point.

But then when something appears sustainable on the surface, the way we access and use it may make it unsustainable. For bamboo to be sustainable, it means that we are not just cutting down and exploiting the plantations without replacing with new bamboo trees. Planting new ones is an essential part of the sustainability of Bamboo.

Bamboo can be harvested in one to five years depending on the species. In comparison, hardwoods like oak trees take at least forty years before they can be harvested. According to World Wildlife Fund, 18.7 million acres of forests are lost to deforestation annually. As a substitute for hardwoods, bamboo offers a versatile solution to drastically reduce this number and protect our forests.   

Bamboo products have increased in popularity with many brands promoting their eco-friendly benefits and sustainability. Products Varies from Baskets, Utensils, Floor, Cookwares...etc

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