Are Coconut Shell bowls healthy?

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Coconut bowls are made from 100% real coconut shells and are hand crafted from mature coconuts after the edible parts have been harvested. Most coconuts are reclaimed from the agriculture industry that treat coconut shells as a by product after they have extracted the flesh, water, oil and husk.

Coconut bowls are popular today because they are sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and the best way to enjoy your favorite smoothie bowls and nice-creams, acai bowls, curries, Buddha bowls, rice dishes, salads and more.

These bowls offer a simple way to help reduce waste and support artisans around the world. The bowls are all-natural, bio-degradable and made entirely from coconut shells, meaning once they "retire" from use, they can be composted and no waste is left behind. Each year, 99% of coconut shells are burnt and discarded. And aside from being wasteful, "their combustion is responsible for the release of a significant amount of CO2 and methane in atmosphere.

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