Sahya Dale Bamboo Biriyani Maker/Bamboo Steamer/Bamboo Pipes- Natural- Hand Made - Made from Bamboo & Coconut Shells

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Bamboo Biriyani Pipe is one of a traditionally used cookware made of bamboo and coconut shell. It is used to cook food with the use of steam. It can be kept above the boiler (steamer, pressure cooker) so that the food (Biriyani, Puttu...etc) gets cooked from the hot steam. Steaming enables food materials to keep their natural flavor, colour, shape, and nutritious value better than boiling and simmering.

  • Traditionally handcrafted cookware.
  • Dimension: 22cm height. Around 8cm- 9cm diameter
  • Seasoned and ready to use. The bamboo steamer is cleaned, seasoned and are ready for use. Just wash and start using.
  • Steaming enables foods to keep their natural flavor, color, shape, and nutritious value better than when boiled or simmered in water
  • All natural, toxin free cookware.

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