Sahya Dale Wooden Non-Stick Spatula Ladle and Spoon Set - Cooking & Serving Kitchen Utensils Large (Set of 6)

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Sahya Dale handcrafted wooden Spatula Ladle and Spoon set for nature lovers. Easy to clean, light weight and this set will last for long. All Spatula Ladle and Spoon have very smooth finish for easy handling and are made from a single piece of wood.

  • REUSABLE SPOON SET: these wooden cutleries are not fragile and are washable. They are highly durable, and you can reuse them for a long period of time as they are incredibly sturdy, lasting long
  • 100% NATURAL - Organic and biodegradable products are used. These little pieces of tropical paradise make a great addition to your kitchen.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABILITY - All products in this set is handmade from single block of wood so it doesn't have any cuts/joints
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CLEAN & - You will be surprised how easy is to care and use your wooden spoons and ladles. just a quick hand wash and they're good to use again.

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