Coir Handicrafts

Coir Handicrafts to Elevate your Indoors

Eco-friendly tourism is a famous feature of Kerala. Almost all the Coir handicrafts in the State are made from naturally available materials, and skilled artisans contribute greatly to their creation. Artifacts such as coconut coir products and beautiful coir handicrafts are produced with special training. The state stands out in terms of eco-friendly handicrafts for its tradition of making beautiful objects from coir. Products made from coir and coconut shells handicrafts are used to create eco-friendly items such as bird nests, flooring, mats, and other show case items. Kerala's cottage industry is devoted to coir product manufacture.

Bringing Goodness to Life with Coir

Coconuts are used to make coir products, which are made from the fibrous outer layer of the fruit. Items made with coconut are offered in high-quality details, along with captivating designs. The designs and appearance of this product are impressively intricate and appealing, with unique finishes and a perfect blend of both comfort and appeal. Interior spaces are enhanced with Coconut coir products.

Coir Products from Sahya Dale

Sahya Dale brings you the most unique and charming handmade bird nests, bird cages made out of coir, rustic & rustic decor for your house, balcony, terrace, patio & living room. A natural and ancient craft that is also environmentally friendly. Expert artisans from The Western Ghats have meticulously crafted this coir craft. Sahya Dale also offers you handicraft items online which include coconut shell crafts and coir items.

Be it eco friendly handicrafts or finely crafted coir products, we have everything to offer!